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Allidem is a growth hacking consulting firm acting across LatAm countries and the UK. The company brings a vast experience in branding and design cases, one of the main growth pillars. Last year, Allidem decided to change its business model by building a multidisciplinary team of marketers, digital lovers, product specialists, data & processes engineering and designer’s in order to help companies to grow their business in digital with a smart strategic way.
We've been using new methodologies designed for tech companies such as Growth Hacking. We look for alternative growth solutions by understanding the customers, business model, sector and their main value proposition through data, which allows us to create, innovate and provide digital solutions.


Marketing Coordinator - Growth Marketing Pillar

What stage are we? Besides being known by a portfolio of historical branding and design projects, we are at an early-stage momentum. That means, we are building processes, discussing methodologies, improving track record, cleaning the floor and working a lot to validate the synergy of all growth pillars, marketing, digital, design, data and product. If you look for a calm routine this place is not for you.

Team size: 6 people, looking for the best partners we would love to work with, who inspire us. 

What are the values and culture we believe?

  • A team made of outliers, people with attitude who  act more than talk. A little less conversation, a little more action. Leaders looking for high impact who start and specially finish in time. 
  • High energy to learn fast and deal with high challenges from customers problems. 
  • Lean way of thinking. We act quickly and focus on what is a game change by using simple methodologies like SCRUM, AGILE, PDCA and RACI.
  • Creative Intelligence. Ability to think out of the box driven by data.
  • We are the extension of our client marketing team, that means, we work as a team positioning ourselves as partners. Our client goal is our own goal.
  • We communicate with transparency, objectivity, we talk directly on our faces but at the same time we are patient and deep on what we say and structure. 
  • Driven by data. Everything we decide and do, is based on data, benchmark and by advisors with track record knowledge. If we fail, we fail fast. 




  • 4+ years’ experience with growth or marketing. Ideally not from an agency setting. 
  • Marketing specialist
  • Fluent English and Spanish 
  • Based in LatAm, ideally Brazil



  • Work with acquisition and activation processes [define each rule]
  • Strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills. 
  • SEO / SEM
  • Paid media for advertising
  • CRM Hubspot/Salesforce certification/knowledge
  • Data driven 
  • OKRs, goals and metric knowledge through funnel (CPC, CPA, CAC, LTC, Churn)
  • Kotler and Aaker methods knowledge
  • You will be responsible for monthly growth reports


Allidem creates Alliders, as we call for our own leaders. That means, on a long term perspective we are looking for someone who will also became a future leader

  • Experience managing individuals and/or team projects
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high growth, rapidly changing, fun environment
  • Ability to work in an agile environment
  • Patience and extremely proactive  

What will you work with? Ideally one client, multinational health one. We need more hands to execute the growth strategy already in process! You will

  • lead partners 
  • coordinate client internal marketing team
  • update monthly results
  • Execute Digital Marketing plans.
  • Track performance in Google Adwords and Analytics.
  • Develop SEO strategies and email-marketing campaigns.
  • Plan the content for communication strategic pillars
  • Measure digital actions in order to generate qualified leads for conversion into sales and strengthening the brand.
  • Coordinate the execution of the online media plans prepared by the agency,
  • Coordinate the action of the digital pieces that are served.
  • Plan and manage social media’s client platforms.
  • Prepare accurate reports on the overall performance of each marketing initiative.

Challenge: Evaluate important metrics that affect traffic to our website, evaluate performance of the purchase process within the client's customers and ability to reach our target audiences.

  • Coordinate the approval and execution of promotions with partners.
  • Elaborate strategies for each Marketing initiative and with the Head of Marketing to deliver to our client.


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    Boa sorte!
    Equipe Allidem